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Deirdre on reading, writing and living

Jul. 20th, 2007 07:19 pm Book #30: Heyday, by Kurt Andersen

From the streets of Paris to the mountains of California, 1848 was an explosive year. Heyday follows six characters as they bump into history.

Whether it's sending a small donation to Frederick Engels, lunching a certain Professor Darwin, planning to murder Kit Carson, dropping by an old acquaintance's Illinois law office (just before he begins his historic run for the US presidency), or being around for the first shot of the 1848 French Revolution that touched off 50 more uprisings around Europe, these characters have a knack for being in the hot place at the hottest time.

Anderson's enjoyable novel lays out the oder of change that was in the air that year. One of the characters is so liberal-minded that he could fit nicely into any progressive organization operating today. My only wish is that Anderson would have taken a bit more time with the characters, so that when momentous things happen to them as individuals, I could have felt the up or the down with them.

If you like historical novels, this one is very enjoyable and tosses the reader into an exciting stew of remarkable people, places, and things.

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