February 15th, 2007

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Book 10: Hit Man

Murder, misinformation, and man's best friend inhabit Lawrence Block's amusing book Hit Man. Meet Keller, professional hit man. He rarely uses a gun, but he's a regular one-man spike in the murder statistics. And he's got problems, boss problems, girlfriend problems, dog problems, therapist problems, and that hard-to-put-your-finger-on-sort-of-unspecified-angst-that-might-just-be-boredom problem.

I've been reading Block's work for a few years now, jumping from one character to another. He usually delivers a few laughs, a few scares, and more than a few hours of entertainment. I have to say that for laughs, Block's Keller series serves up more than a its share -- between the falling bodies.

These books are very episodic, with a few themes running in parallel, but not a cohesive "plot." Each chapter could stand on its own and that's okay.

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