April 7th, 2007

reading, activism, writing

Book # 18 "Life is Ridiculous"

Watch out, there is a new Erma Bombeck in town, and she's pissed. Valerie Fausone, author of Life is Ridiculous has looked at life and pronounced it f***ed up.

Through a series of humorous vignettes Fausone unravels her day-to-day take on it all, life, husbands, kids, haircuts, Botox, vegetables, dogs, cats, being cool, music, education, racism, guns, the list could go on forever.

I read this book very slowly, using each short chapter as a break from my own crazed existence. I found it kind of like a smoking cigarettes (way back when). I looked forward to each puff, but smoking the whole pack, one after another, could make me dizzy.

My only caveat is that while there were three thematic sections, I felt that the order of the chapters could have been tweaked for dramatic effect. I hope Fausone continues on her trilogy, I for one will take the time to enjoy her insight on our loopy world.