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Deirdre on reading, writing and living

Jan. 4th, 2009 11:33 am 2009 Book #2: Just After Sunset: Stories, by Steven King

An uneven collection of short stories that left me pleased and a little confused. There are several class A tales in the book like "A Very Tight Space," "N," "The Things They Left Behind" and "Rest Stop."

Part of what was so fascinating about the book is the introduction and end notes by King. It seems that Mr. King found himself craving the old groove he used to have when he was banging out short stories for men's magazines. It seems he edited a book The Best American Short Stories of 2007 and got excited about the form again.

The weaker stories were like Twilight Zone episodes, diverting but not brilliant. I'm not certain that some of them would have been published in the same magazines that published King's work way back when (if they even still exist). I feel he still does his best with the novel. I loved Lisey's Story even when it took me into the supernatural, where I didn't think I wanted to go.

I know for certain that this isn't my last King investment, but I've certainly had enough for the moment.


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