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Book 16: Love Junkie by Rachel Resnick

Fantasies to the left of me, heartbreak to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you. Addiction comes in many guises, some are easier to spot than others. Is emailing someone three times a day a problem? How about ten times a day? What about 64 times over a two day period? Is it wrong to go back to a guy and beg him not to breakup with you? What if he told you that it's over just days after you have a miscarriage?

For Rachel Resnick, the extreme thrill of a new relationship, the inevitable conflict, and the devastating breakup all triggered feelings she first experienced in childhood. The waves of emotion mimicking archetypal moments like The Day Daddy Walked Out or The Nights Mommy Slept With Strange Men.

A child of emotional and physical neglect turned into an adult who looked for love and affirmation in the arms of extremely good-looking, abusive, control freaks. The problem was that she got what she was seeking, a replay of the past.

Resnick's book exposes her compelling train-wreck of a life in vivid, lurid colors. And I wish I didn't identify so much with her, but I do.

Tags: memoir, reading

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