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Books 17-19

Book #17: Wishful Drinking, by Carrie Fisher
This is Ms. Fisher's one woman show on paper. Carrie Fisher, daughter of movie icon Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher, is best known for her role in Star Wars. The other part she played (with zest) was that of an addict. All issues are brushed by, with little or no deep exploration, as if to linger might bring us all down. I wish Ms. Fisher had spent more time and used her writing talent to transform the show into something that can live on the page without the shortcuts that a come naturally to a live performance like gestures, facial expressions, and infectious laughter.

Book #18: Dooms Day Book, by Connie Willis
A fellow member of the 50bookchallenge recommended this one to me after I read Company of Liars, by Karen Maitland. Both involve the Asian/European plague known as the Black Death. Both have similar time frames. Dooms Day Book brings a very modern sensibility to the crisis. I don't want to give anything much away, but time travel is involved. This book won the Hugo and Nebula awards and it was well worth the time.

Book #19: This Boy's Life: A Memoir, by Tobias Wolff
I loved this memoir. Mr. Wolff brings us back to 1950's Seattle where his impulsive and loving mother settles after a divorce. She finds a seemingly-stable man, Dwight, and they marry. The book is mostly how Dwight and Mr. Wolff lock horns and jibe each other. It's a classic coming-of-age story that seems as honest as they come. The author's experiences are as fresh and recognizable today as they were in the '50's.

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