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Book #48: It's All About You, by Tony Murphy

Michael need a hit and he needs it bad. Wait, it's not really a "hit" he needs but a shot, no make it a double shot. Michael is in real trouble. His drug of choice? Caffeine. And when the steaming water hits grounds, it's like elixir dripping down from on high. Coffee is life.

Tony Murphy's new book, a collection of daily comic strips, is good for the voyeur in all of us. What could be more entertaining than watching a neurotic stumble, tip-toe, and crawl through life? Murphy's characters are so real you feel like you could run into them at any cafe in the world. Did I mention that I laughed -- out loud?

If you're stuck for a present for that special someone who squirms at the idea that he or she is actually in a relationship or for your long-suffering Barista order of copy of It's All About You: A Daily Comic Strip right now.

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